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Monitoring and Evaluation

We are owed by Government and donor community to ensure that our combined efforts are instrumental in achieving objective of increasing equitable access to quality education in both Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

Much as TEA is required to ensure that support reach beneficiaries timely and in an acceptable quantity and quality, TEA is also supposed to ensure that the support have impact to beneficiaries. To ensure that this is achieved, TEA conducts Monitoring and Evaluation of her projects. During monitoring routine and periodic measurements of program inputs activities and output is undertaken, the purpose being to keep track of activities on continuous basis and indicate short comings with regard to delivery of inputs and execution of activities. During evaluation, program inputs, activities and results are analyzed and assessed in order to determine effectiveness, impact, and relevance of projects in the light of stated objectives. The question being to see if projects made a difference. In either case measures for improvement are also put forth.

The whole process therefore provide assurance to the government, donors, contributors and TEA itself that funds have been utilized effectively and to the expected standards. It helps inform parties concerned on the progress of projects challenges, success achieved, lessons learnt and way forward in improving project implementation.

Monitoring and Evaluation activities are conducted periodically and reports provided to all concerned parties and stakeholders.

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