March 2017

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Monitoring and Evaluation

We are owed by the people we serve and the donor community to ensure that our combined efforts are instrumental in achieving  and raising the equitable access to quality education in both Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. TEA is  entrusted to ensure that the supports issued  have intended impact to beneficiaries. Therefore, TEA conducts routine  Monitoring and Evaluation of her projects.


Audit and Investigation

According to the Education Fund Act, 2001 among of the objectives and functions of Tanzania Education Authority is to monitor the use of funds disbursed and ensure adherence to the objectives of the Fund.

One of the ways to ensure that this objective is achieved is to conduct Audit and Investigations.

Auditing is strategically done to ensure that support has reached recipients in the required quantity and quality.  It ensures that there is value for money.  Not only to ensure that support reach beneficiaries but also ensure that the same is properly stored and is in use.


Kampuni ya Oxford University Press yatoa Msaada wa Vitabu kwa shule 48 Dar es Salaam na Pwani Kupitia TEA

Kampuni ya Oxford University Press, kupitia mamlaka ya Elimu Tanzania imetoa msaada wa vitabu zaid ya elfu ishirini na nne ( 24,567) vyenye thamani ya shilingi milioni mia moja na moja, laki moja na thelathini na tisa elfu mia tano (TZS 101,1395000) Kwenye shule za msingi 48 za mikoa ya Pwani na Dar es salaam.