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Tanzania Education Authority (TEA) is hereby inviting your Institution to prepare and submit a comprehensive proposal for Skill Development Fund (SDF) Grant.

The timeline for submission of the proposals is 21 days from 1st to 21st July 2019 through the SDF Skills Management Information System, which was used for submission of the Concept Notes.

Kindly be informed that preparation of proposals is a step towards implementation of the agreed goals and objectives as stipulated in our program guidelines. In this regard, the planned training programs and activities should mainly focus on:

  1. Expanding the capacity of existence for short-term and long-term education and training programs;
  2. Establishing new short-term and long-term education and training programs;
  3. Incentivizing linkages with the private sector for improving program relevance and education and training delivery;
  4. Improving the quality and relevance of program through curriculum revision;
  5. Provision of teaching and learning facilities, materials and/or equipment; and
  6. Improving instructor professional development, among other potential measures.

Be informed further that, the writing of the proposal should adhere to the guidelines presented and clarified to you in the training workshop conducted at NACTE on the 26th June 2019 and specific format presented in the SDF Grant Proposal form. 

Please note that in preparing the program cost estimate you are required to adhere to the Program Restrictions which emphasize on the percentages of fund allocation, which are:

  • Works should not exceed 25 percent of the total budget.
  • Operating expenses should not exceed 15 percent of the total budget.
  • Other Costs should not exceed 10 percent of the total budget.

In submission of proposal the following are recommended:

  1. The proposal must be clear and concise, perfectly legible so that there can be no doubt as to words and figures, include continuous page numbering, and assembled in an Arial fashion;
  2. The proposal must be presented in provided format and must include all the required information and attachments. Failure to respect the requirements will constitute a formal incompliance and may result in the rejection of the proposal ;
  3. The proposal budget ceiling should not exceed Tshs. 131,220,000.00 per program; in which a total of 400 beneficiaries are expected to be generated per program from the allocated grant;
  4. The proposal should be submitted through online SDF Skills Management Information System and 3 hard copies of the proposal documents with cover letters and 3 copies of previous audited financial statements and audited reports should also be submitted to Tanzania Education Authority. The proposal might also have initial signed in all pages for validation;
  5. For the cover letter make sure that the following information is available:
  1. The name, address, fax and telephone number and e-mail address of the contact person (s) to who all communications relating to this proposal should be addressed; and
  2. The name, title and function of the person empowered to sign the agreement (if awarded).

Please observe that all proposals should be submitted not later than 21st July 2019 at 04:30 pm and forwarded to the following address;


                        Director General,

                        Tanzania education Authority,

                        P. O. Box 34578,

                        Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

                        Tel. No: +255222775438/68/86

                        Fax No: +255222775516,




In your submission kindly attach the following documents in your comprehensive proposal:

  1. Action plan ( As per provided format)
  2. Tracer Study plan
  3. Commitment letter from the Institution
  4. Curriculum vitae for Program Leader and Team composition
  5. Memorandum of Understanding
  6. Other related documents
  7. 3 copies of previous audited financial statements and audited reports

SDF grant proposal form and Action plan can be download at TEA website and SDF Application system.

Any requests for additional information or clarifications must be sent to the following e- mail address: or call: General Line: +255222781165 or Administrative Secretary Mobile No: 0764886868 or Assistant SDF Coordinator Mobile No. 0712964364; while for IT support call technical team: 0784021717 or 0782574894.

Thank you for the cooperation.